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Wednesday, 28 April 2010 14:10

It seemed your typical state run mental institution before Cameron Stone took the warden's position at the Asylum.  At first, it appeared that a much needed organizational push was occurring.  Records were sorted and personally reviewed and restored by Dr. Stone.  Soon, however, the new found order took a dark turn.

The patient's who were showing much in the way of positive health, began regressing back to their previously disturbed mental status, if not worse. Patients who even in their worst mental states normally led calm quiet lives, now often took part in violent outbursts.  No one seemed to know why.  Per facility records, patient medications weren't changed, the staff seemed to be treating them the same, and everything else seemed status quo. Many of the orderly staff worried about the downward state of the patients, and a few left employment at the Asylum, claiming that their personal safety was at risk. The remaining attending medical staff complained to all that the private sessions that Stone ran with each inmate were unmonitored, and that many of the cases of diminished mental state and violence occurred after these sessions.  When questioned regarding his methods, Dr. Stone was known to become angry and confrontational.  He was not one that humored having his judgment, or management methods, questioned.


Elshoff Manor Asylum was the leading psychiatric ward for those who were believed to be suffering from demonic possession. The original founders, who later formed the Elshoff Foundation, spent much time in the West Indies gathering data and recorded histories of those who were known to have experienced possession.  Healers worldwide were contacted and their methods were documented into the Asylum ledgers.  It was rumored that the Elshoff Foundation members were in contact with government leaders and high ranking clergy members world wide.  It was on one of these visits to a possession expert in Papua New Guinea that the entire research team vanished.  Governmental officials took over the management of Elshoff Asylum until a new site warden could be found.

Cameron Stone knew of the troubles at Elshoff, as well as the direction of the departmental study.  He accepted the offered position at the establishment for those reasons. He had many new and controversial ideas about the treatment of possession patients.  His journals show that he thought by nurturing the demonic side of those inmates’ illness, he could actually bring the demon to the surface. Most of the doctors who worked with him believed he was going out on a limb with these new radical theories.  What they didn't know was he had secretly constructed a "dark cathedral" to aid the metamorphosis of these poor afflicted minds, and transition them to the dark side. His “final treatments” for patients were nothing short of monstrous; he would destroy the man to set the demon free. He was using this house of healing as his own personal demon factory.  The power held by these demons was an addictive force to Stone.  He often wrote that he would stop at nothing to make it his.

Stone had a background in demonic summoning from time spent, coincidentally, in Papua New Guinea.  Dark rituals occurring under the cover of his work as a physician and warden allowed him to practice without scrutiny. Due to his desperate claim for power, Stone’s patients were murdered by the hundreds through his 10 year employment at the asylum.  He was rumored to have actually released some 43 demons during this time. Per his recordings, Cameron Stone offered the bodies of the resident nurses and doctors to these demons to control.  Or if they were powerful enough, the demons were permitted to assume the appearance of a man or woman, and live within the Asylum.

After years of torture, violent testing and bizarre rituals, the remaining patients (and some of the staff, reportedly) started a revolt.  It was the most brutal uprising in years, with bloody death falling on all; inmates and employees of the hospital alike. It was said that only Cameron Stone survived the onslaught, and that he is still lurking in the hallowed halls of the asylum accompanied by hundreds of spirits of murdered inmates, orderlies, and nurses.  Those angry spirits scream and fight for a peaceful release to cross over, but are held by the very same power that Dr. Stone gained during his malicious ceremonies.

The Asylum fell to disrepair after the great attack.  There was talk of tearing it down, and rebuilding on the site.  Plans to this effect always fall, mysteriously, by the wayside.  It is said that Cameron Stone has taken up summoning demons again and is replenishing his minions for another, darker, attack on humanity. Though these are just rumors, the strange occurrences inside the old walls of the Asylum seem to speak for themselves. Not much good is left of the old manor house that was once a top facility for repairing damaged minds.


Disclaimer: "FrightFx's production of Elshoff Manor is based on a fictional storyline and is meant for entertainment purposes only."

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