Skeleton Cage (Gibbet) PDF Print E-mail
  • (30) 1 inch wood screws
  • (8) 3/4 inch 8' PVC pipe
  • (4) 1x2 inch 8' studs
  • (4) 1 inch eyebolts
  • (2) 24x24 inch sheets of wood
  • 3 ft. plastic skeleton
  • 10' length of chain
  • Drill and bits
  • Flat black spray paint

First take one of the sheets of plywood and place it on the ground, this will be your starting base. Then cut all the 1x2's into (2) 24 inch lengths, and (2) 20 1/4 inch lengths. Then drill a 3/4" hole at either end of the 24 inch lengths so they are evenly spaced from the end and the sides. Next drill another hole in the center of all four boards and one 5 1/2" to either side of it. Then either glue or screw down the four boards to the edge of your base board, and you should have something that resembles the picture to the right. Do this three more times, except only glue one set of boards to the top 24" square board, leaving the remaining two sets for the middle horizontal rungs. Next drill through the top piece in three of the middle holes on a side where the 24" board length is. This will make a section of three pipes that will be removable so as to gain access to the inside of the cage later on. Now cut all the PVC pipe in half, and feed it through all the holes in the pieces similar to the picture to the right with the base on the bottom, the two sets of boards in between, and then the top piece (front pipes and upper pieces not shown for clarity). Then take a drill and make pilot holes for your screws through the wood and into the side of the all the pipes except for the three pipes which will be removable. If you are having trouble with this step, see the section on how to build the fence for more instruction on this method. Screw the wood screws into the base boards and pipes except for the three un-drilled ones. Now do the same for the top piece, and you should have a basic cage with some loose boards in between the top and the bottom. Slide the middle boards up and space them out evenly in the space between the top and bottom boards. Then drill and screw them to the PVC pipes and add an additional screw diagonally through the corners to lock them together (do not drill and screw the removable pipes). Spray paint all the pieces black making sure that the removable pieces are loose so they will get every inch painted. Lastly, drill and screw in the eyebolts in each corner, and attach the chain. Or you may even put just one in the dead center of the cage if you like, but it will tend to lean on you if you weight down one side more than another. Now you should have a cage similar to the one pictured above, minus the arched pieces. (The one pictured above was made from two wind-chime display stands, and attached together with duct tape and a board at the bottom).

Option: It is possible to leave out the two middle horizontal rungs, saving you the cost and effort of two 8' studs, but you will have a more plain looking cage.

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