Coffin PDF Print E-mail
  • Scrap wood
  • Box of 1" screws
  • (2) Hinges
  • Optional liner material

The coffin was created out of old scrap lumber, and screwed together with 1" wood screws. After assembly, the screws were broken off or ground down if they protruded through the surface of the wood. To get the basic shape, we placed a skeleton or person on the ground and then formed the outline from the scraps of wood. Then just fill in the rest of the space to form a complete back. The back can be done with a solid piece of wood since you won't really see it. The sides can either be solid pieces or scraps horizontally with a few vertical pieces to tie it all together. For the corners use a 2x2 or similar sized lumber so you have something to screw into. Lastly, for the lid, just repeat the shape from the bottom, but build it in the same style as the sides, either solid wood with scraps on top, or better slats of wood horizontally and vertically; this method gives great cracks for light to shine through.

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