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  • Corpsed skeletons
  • Plywood
  • Cheese cloth
  • Various colors of pain
  • Night light
  • Stapler
  • Screws
  • Optional air valves
  • Optional air cylinders

The Scene- As the guests enter the crypt they see dimly lit skeletons covered in dusty cobwebs, and hear low moaning and echoing screams. (Optional), just when they think it is safe, and they are almost out, one of the skeletons jumps out at them scaring them out of the crypt!

Layout- This effect is pretty much just an atmosphere room, but with the optional pop-up scare it can be quite terrifying. Just build walls and cut shelves long enough for a skeleton to lay on it, 5 to 6 feet long. Make sure they are deep enough and tall enough so that the skeleton can be seen while the guests walk by. We used two wall panels that were cut so that half of the alcove was in one wall panel, and the other half was in the other. We then constructed boxes by making a shelf with sides and a back and attached it to the back side of the panels. We added legs to the rear of the shelf to support the weight of the skeletons. Lay the skeleton on the shelf and tie him down with bailing wire or screw through him to keep him in place. To add the cobwebs, hang some cheese cloth from inside the opening. Rip up the cheesecloth by tearing holes in it here and there and ripping some holes all the way down to create strings. Make sure it is dyed a gray or dingy brown color so it's not bright white.

Actors- This room doesn't really get actors, but the animated prop idea could easily be replaced by an actor if you shelf was strong enough, and your skeletons were in an earlier state of decay so they are more meaty. Ours were corpsed in such a way so they looked like they have been there for several years, but had not been totally turn to skeleton yet.

Lighting- The best results are achieved by placing small lights up inside the shelves. We used very small night lights shining down on each skeleton and it looked great! you could use colored light, though standard incandescent lighting seemed to work the best for our needs.

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