Die-ning Room PDF Print E-mail
  • Table
  • Table cloth
  • Chandelier
  • Zombie costume
  • (2) skeletons/zombies
  • Old clothes
  • (2) wooden rods
  • (2) pulleys
  • String
  • Old dishes

The Scene- As the guests enter the room, they will see a table with three skeletal figures sitting around it. As the guests walk past the table, the heads of all three skeletons will turn to follow them. Just as they think it is over, one of the monsters jumps up at them.

Layout- In order to make this work, you will have to insert wooden rods into the heads of the skeletons, or zombie dummies (whichever one you choose). Then make a large string loop that will reach from one skeleton to the seat where the live actor will be. Then wrap the string three or four times around the bottom of the wooden rod, and run the other end of the loop towards the actor and around another small piece of rod attached to the under side of the table. Do the same for the second skeletal figure, and then dress them with old tattered clothes. When it is time to make the heads turn, rotate the small rod attached to the table and the two skeleton's head will turn.

Actors- The actor in this room is more or less here for controlling the other skeletons, but he is also a big part of the scare. He/she should be dressed similar to the other skeletons at the table, and if you can make him look more fake than the others, all the better.

Lighting- This room can be lit basically any number of ways, just make sure to keep it dark enough that it will be hard to distinguish the actor from the rest of the skeletons at the table. A flickering chandelier hung above the table would be a good source of light. An addition of an occasional lightning flash could work well too.

Sound- There really isn't any need for sounds in this room, but since almost every room can be improved by the addition of sound, you may want to stick in some creepy music or ghostly distant dining sounds, or thunder and rain from an outside window.

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