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  • (6) 2x4's
  • (1) 4x4
  • Wood screws
  • (12) 1x2's
  • -or-
  • Wooden pallet
  • (2) 6 to 8 foot long 4x4's
  • Wood screws
  • (1) 6 to 8 foot long 2x4

The bridge was made from a 4x4 running under the center with 2x4's on either side. Then 1x2's were cut to about 18" lengths, and attached to all three beams one after the other, with small gaps between. Next 2 of the 2x4's were cut in half, and used as handrail supports on either side, with 2 more 2x4's across the tops. With the larger beam in the center, it allowed the whole structure to tip side to side about 2 inches. This was great, because all the guests were so busy concentrating on the Reaper, that they got scared when the bridge felt like it was tipping over.

The other option, which is pictured above, was made from two old pallets, that were cut right next to the center support, and then the extra pieces from the cut off side were used to fill in the gaps between boards. Then two 4x4's were inserted on either side of the pallets, right next to the outside 2x4's that made up the pallet. Then small pieces of wood were attached to either end under the middle board to create the rocking motion. Also, the uprights for the handrail were attached with lots of 3" screws going in a different angles to make the connection strong enough for a person's weight. Lastly, the rope was tacked on the top to add that old bridge look.

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