Control Box PDF Print E-mail
  • (1) project box
  • (1) grounded outlet
  • (1) outlet cover
  • (2) single pole dimmer switches
  • (1) power cord

First you have to drill a hole in the project box for the power cord, and then a hole for each dimmer switch on the cover. Then cut out a rectangular hole for the outlet on the side of the box, and drill the holes for all the mounting screws. Now install all the switches and outlet, and then thread the power cord through the hole, and tie a knot inside the box to keep the cord from pulling out. Follow the wiring diagram below to make all the connections.

Connect the white wire from the power cord to the neutral side of the outlet. Then connect the input hot leads from the dimmer switches to the black lead of the power cord with a wire nut. Next take the output hot leads from the dimmer switches, and attach one to each respective screw on the outlet (hot side). On the hot side there will be a jumper that connects the bottom outlet to the top outlet, you need to cut this jumper so no current cen pass to the other outlet. Last, connect the green ground wire from the power cord to the green ground screw on the outlet. (The ground is not necessary, if using ungrounded lights.)

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