Fireplace (Budget) PDF Print E-mail
  • (3) 4x8 sheets of Sheetrock
  • (1) 2x8 stud
  • Wood screws
  • Black spray paint
  • Fireplace tools
  • Fireplace screen (optional)
  • Mantel accessories
  • Picture

First cut out the opening of the fireplace in the Sheetrock to the size you want it to be. Save the scraps so they can be used as the sides of the firebox inside the opening. Then cut the 2x8 stud in half, and attach it across the front of the Sheetrock above the fireplace opening, and then affix the other piece of the 2x8 on top of that one so it sticks out and creates a shelf. Lastly cut a piece of Sheetrock for the back and bottom of the firebox, and one for the hearth. After you get it all lines up, you can duct tape it together, or use small finish nails to secure it all together. If it needs more support, attach another board across the back of the assembly towards the top so a picture can hide the screw heads.

To make your fireplace come to life, you can add a fog machine and some wood with red twinkle lights hidden inside it to look like glowing embers. Just hollow out the back side of the wood, and then take black spray paint, and mist it on around the area where the hole is cut out, and then spray it heavy inside the hole. You could even go as far as to saw notches in the wood near the hole to give it the look of burnt wood that is about to become ash. Just look at some real wood that has been burnt, or even get some and use that. It will be a lot messier though since all the ash will get everywhere.

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