Floating Candelabra PDF Print E-mail
  • (4) Eyelets
  • (1) 6 RPM mirrorball motor
  • Black line
  • Wire for an arm
  • (3) candles

The Floating Candelabra was created from a small candelabra I purchased at a discount store for about a $1.00, and a mirror ball motor which was $16.95. First I mounted the motor on a flat surface somwhere out of the line of sight. Attach an arm to the motor which is about 5-7 inches long. Then run some black line from the motor through and eyelet and down to your candelabra. I made mine by running two identical lines through two eyelets and then attaching the lines to either side of the candelabra, which gives it a slight tipping when going up and down.

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