Hellfire PDF Print E-mail
  • (2) red rotating lights
  • Fog machine
  • Red film cover for strobe
  • Sound effect tape of fire
  • Strobe light
  • Tape player

The hellfire was created by two rotating red police lights I purchased from Spencer's Gifts, and a strobe with a red film cover to give it a more random look. I placed the lights in the hole as deep as possible, and tried to keep the rotating light out of sync with the other one since they need to make the light reflection as random as possible. Also, the strobe light should be flashing at a medium rate, so I set it at about half speed. Then I made a tape of fire burning, added some laughing, chains, and monster growls to finish it off. This was a great effect, and with a little fog from a fog machine, it looks like a smoking gateway to hell (the hellfire pictured above is a reproduction, fog not shown for clarity).

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