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  • Floodlight
  • Light organ kit
  • Project box
  • Soldering iron
  • Wire cutters
  • 6-foot extension cord
  • Stereo
  • Lightning sound effect

This is an intermediate project in that it requires you to build a circuit from a kit. If you can handle a soldering iron and have good vision, you can probably build this kit. The kit can be obtained from, and sells for about $9.00 plus shipping costs. Also, you will have to pick up a project box from an electronics store like Radio Shack or something. The box can be any size, just make sure the board and all the goodies can fit inside it. Once you obtain all the parts, build the kit, and you should have something that looks like the picture to the right. Drill holes in your project box for the audio input, the variable resistor (pot switch), and two holes for the wire on the extension cord. Then take the extension cord and cut it in half. Strip the ends so you have leads that can be fed through the holes in the project box, and connect the ends up to the blue terminals shown in the picture to the above right. Once all this is complete, you should have a box with two cords coming out, an audio jack, and a revolving switch. Now all you have to do is hook up the light to the female end of the cord, plug in your left channel of the stereo output, and then plug in the device. Now adjust the switch higher or lower to get the desired light flashing you want. Also if you want the light to come before the thunder, you can delay the thunder sound on the right channel, and run the left channel to the light organ, and the right channel to a speaker. Then when the light flashes, the sound won't be heard until the right channel plays it a second or so later.

Here is the circuit diagram for the light organ incase you want to build it without a kit...

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