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  • (2) 2x8 sheet of corrugated siding
  • (2) 12 in diameter concrete mold cardboard tubes, or
  • (1) 12 in plastic pipe
  • (12) wood screws
  • (20) nails
  • (4) cans of gray spray paint
  • (4) 2x2 ft 3/4 in thick plywood
  • (2) 16 in long pieces of rubber molding

The parts list above is enough to make two pillars. First take the cardboard tube, and cut it into three equal pieces. Then attach one piece on the edge of the corrugated siding with a wood screw, at one end, the middle, and the other end. Then bend the siding around the tube sections until it overlaps itself. Then attach it with another wood screw. Now set the tube on the 2x2 ft plywood square, and attach it with the rubber molding using nails. Then copy this procedure on the top of the tube. Then attach a 2'x2' plywood base to each end and you're done.

Now you have one completed column ready for painting. If you desire a texture that is rough like concrete, the spray paint can be replaced with brush-on paint, and texture additives. We painted our to match the front of the house facade's dark coloring. We also added bright white drops of psint here and there to replicate bird droppings. The white paint was also drizzled down the length of the columns here and there lightly to show stains with age.

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