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  • Pump
  • Base board
  • (2) 1"x1/8"x4' aluminum bars
  • (8) 1/4x3/4" bolt
  • (16) 1/4 flat washers
  • (16) 1/4 nuts
  • (4) 1" wood screws
  • 1" PVC cross
  • PVC pipe (3/4" and 1")
  • 1" PVC end cap
  • 3/4" coupling for pump
  • Cloth
  • coat hangers
  • Mask
  • Wire
  • Thick string

The Pond Popper was created by taking a sump pump and attaching it to a flat piece of wood using wire. The board was attached by placing the pump on top of the board, and drilling (2) holes on either side of the pump, and one at the back, large enough for the wire to pass through. Then wire through the side holes and over the space between the pump housing and the discharge portion of the pump. Then take another piece of wire and go through the last hole and around the pump handle. Next attach a 1-2 foot section of 3/4" PVC pipe to your pump (make it as long as you want your range of motion to be plus a little extra). Then cut a piece of 1" PVC about the same size as the 3/4" piece. Next file the edge of the larger pipe on one end and pound it through the 1" PVC cross piece until there is about 12 to 14 inches left sticking out (enough for a neck and head length). Then cap the top end of the larger pipe, and attach a string as a stop by placing it under the cap and then wedging the cap on. After the pieces are assembled, pull the larger pipe up until it is about 2 inches from the top of the smaller pipe, and tie off the string to the pump handle. Now attach (2) 4" pieces of 1" PVC on either end of the cross, and set the assembly aside.

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