Rat Eyes PDF Print E-mail
  • Project box
  • Base board
  • (10) red lights
  • (10) film containers
  • Braided wire
  • 6" metal pipe (2" dia)
  • 6" metal pipe cap
  • Mirror ball motor
  • 12 volt transformer
  • 10' grounded extension cord

First take the base board and cut it to the exact size of the bottom of the inside of the project box. Then mount the mirror ball motor on it's side using the scraps left over from the base board. Then attach the pipe to the mirror ball motor by drilling a hole through the end cap and attaching the motor's shaft securely. Now drill a hole through the project box about the same size as the extension cord wire diameter about 1 inch from the bottom of the project box. Cut the extension cord right by the female end and feed it through the hole in the box. Strip of the wire insulation, and expose the three wires.

If your project box has metal on it, solder or screw the ground wire to it (if you are using a plastic box, you may use an ungrounded cord). Next attach take the other hot leads to the transformer. Now cut of the adapter end of the transformer, and strip the wire back to expose the ends. Drive 11 nails into the base board right next to each other evenly spaced along the length of the pipe. Be sure to leave at least an inch of each nail sticking up. Now attach one of the exposed wires from the transformer to the nail closest to the motor end of the pipe. Take a piece of the braided wire and strip back the ends and fan out the braided wire a little to resemble a brush. Then twist it around one of the nails so the brush portion of the wire is touching the pipe at a 90 degree angle. Do this for all eleven nails and then run the first 10 wires to your eyes on one side, and the other wire coming from the transformer must be split up and attached to the other end of the eye lights. After all the connections are made, place short pieces of electrical tape in random places on the pipe to block the wire when you want the eyes to blink. Now as the pipe spins, the contact will be broken where the tape is, and the lights will go out. You may also try using paint or some kind of glue, but make sure it is a thin layer, so it will not bend the wires as they pass over them. Then stick the board in the bottom of the project box, and cram the transformer in there as well. Just make sure it does not interfere with the movement of the motor and pipe. If you need to, you can use a little hot glue or some wire to keep it in place.

Then all you have to do is place the lights inside the film canisters and cut two eyes into the canisters in the shape of the eyes you want. Then place them in your bushes or cave walls, etc.

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