Soul Snatcher PDF Print E-mail
  • (1) long rope for overall run
  • (2) jumars
  • (2) carabeaners
  • (1) harness
  • (1) large pulley
  • (1) short piece of rope
  • (1) snatcher costume
The soul snatcher was made from a harness that went around the legs, and one on the back, around the chest. These harnesses can be made from webbing purchased at outdoor stores that have mountain climbing gear, along with all the other supplies needed. Then a rope was stretched to either end of the location that we wanted the soul snatcher to fly along, it was made taut by using a come-a-long (block and tackle) to stretch it out to the right tightness. A pulley was on the main rope overhead, and another rope was attached to the pulley which hung down low enough for the actor to attach himself using jumars like the ones pictured to the left.

When someone was at the right location, the soul snatcher would jump from his perch, and fly down the line on a pulley, and land just short of them. With the right costume, and lighting, this is a really scary sight. The Snatcher's costume consisted of a vampire mask, claws, wings made from black cloth, and black cothing. It wasn't that important to have anymore detail since the only thing that they will really see is the face, and the silouette. In some areas, the soul snatcher was too dark to see, so we taped a flashlight to the person's chest to point up onto the face, and that made them look even scarier.

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