Zombie Hands PDF Print E-mail
  • (2) wire coat hangers
  • Cotton balls
  • Duct tape
  • Latex
  • Brown paint

First take one of the wire coat hangers, and bend it in the shape of your hand following the index and ring finger and cut it off like the Fig. 1 to the right. Then take the remaining piece, and bend it to match your pinky and wrap it around the previous piece and shape the rest into a thumb folded back onto itself (Fig. 2). Next take the end and wrap it back around the first piece again and up over the crossbar (Fig. 3). Lastly cut the remaining wire off just at the end of the middle finger like in Fig. 4. You may want to take the existing wire or some other wire and wrap it into the hand to form a wrist and arm.

The next step in the process is to wrap duct tape around the wires where the knuckles should be, to do this, cut a piece of tape about an inch or two and twist it back on itself stcky side out. Then wrap the tape around the joint onto itself and the sticky part will hold it together. Then unroll a cotton ball and stretch it over the top side of each finger, sticking it to the taped joints.

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