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  • Sheets of 1/8" luan
  • Box of 1.5" screws
  • Lots of 1"x3" studs
  • White silk fabric
  • Brushes
  • Lamps
  • Stain
  • Paint
  • Tools

This room was built by making wall panels 4'x8' with 1x3 studs around the borders and one across the middle horizontally. Then we stacked them up two high. After the perimeter was built we cut out holes for the windows. Each box for the stair's columns and handrails were just 1x3 frames with the luan glued and nailed on. The white columns are old fiberglass pipes that are about 8" in diameter. Above the pipes are arches that were also 1x3 frames with luan attached. The handrails for the staircase were 2x4's with 1x3's on each side, and then routered to give a finished look.

The stairs were built rather solid, similar to real stairs, except the tread was not as long; approximately 6". This was done to save space in the foyer since it really wasn't that large, and the stairs would have taken up a lot of space if they were full size. We then attached the columns to the stairs, and drilled large holes through into the stairs base for power cords. We then ran the cords from the lamps down the columns and into the stairs to get to power outlets. We attached the lamps to a 12x12 inch plate that was then screwed down to the top of the column.

The side doors were made from taking sheets of luan and attaching 1x3's around the perimeter and then a plus in the center. We then took quarter round trimming and added it to them to make them look fancier. We also used smaller pieces of wood painted black for the window frame, and attached a silky white cloth stretched tight along the back. This will allow light to show though allowing you to simulate lightning or whatever without having to build a set to resemble the outside of the house.

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