Graveyard PDF Print E-mail
  • Columns
  • Fence
  • Vegetation
  • Lighting
  • Fog
  • Gravestones
  • Zombies

Start by setting the dimensions of your room and then painting all the walls black, or if you have a good artist on hand paint the walls to look like more cemetery. Then purchase various plant materials at a local craft shop, such as Michael's. Buy ivy, fichus trees, various smaller plants, and any other plant parts that have the look of forest vegetation. Cover the whole area with camo netting that you can usually find at an army surplus store, or if you know someone in the military, they throw these things out when they get too old. Attach vines and various plant pieces hanging from the camo net, and on the walls to break up the flatness of it all. Then spread your tombstones throughout the graveyard area, preferable all pointing in the same direction since this is how real ones are. Next run more vegetation around the floor and up and over your tombstones. You can use chicken wire under this to make the ground uneven if you want a more natural look.

Lighting for the whole thing can be achieved with a few spots with blue gels (lenses) here and there. We used a water light which is basically a bright light that has a lens that slowly rotates in front of the light and it has ripples on it. this give the effect of water or "uneven" lighting. We used that to simulate moonlight shining through clouds. you can control the speed of these lights, but they can be expensive, so you may want to stick to just spots. The light were placed above the camo netting to give the look of moonlight shining through the tree canopy. We also dimmed it a bit to keep the graveyard dark.

Then just fill your cemetery with zombies and sound from a CD player. We used the sound from our sounds section labeled "graveyard".

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