Hall of Chains PDF Print E-mail
  • Chains
  • Fishing line
  • Eye hooks
  • Pulleys
  • Optional motor
  • Optional Motion Sensor

The Scene- As the guests enter the room they see what appears to be a long hallway filled with hanging chains. As they venture down the lengths, suddenly the chains began to shake by themselves as if ghosts are rattling them.

Layout- As the guests enter the hall of chains, the fishing line is pulled to make the chains raise and rattle as they walk past. The hall can be made out of any material, but the ceiling has to be strong enough to hold the weight of all the chains. I would suggest using wood for both walls and ceiling. The chains are attached to the ceiling by eye hooks, and pulleys are placed right along side the eye hooks (option: drill a hole next to the eye hook, and place the pulleys on the top side of the board). Next run the fishing line through the links of the chain, and tie it to the chain at least half way down, or wherever you want it to lift from. Then when the line is pulled, the chains raise and lower. A motor could be used with a large wheel and a bar sticking out with the line attached to make the chains automatic. The motor could also be hooked up to a motion sensor.

Actors- None.

Lighting- This room should be very dark, with the only visible light coming in from the ends of the hallway.

Sound- An eerie sound, or subtle music would work well in here, or even a whisper track. The chains themselves.

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