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  • Haunted Books
  • Bookshelves
  • Desk
  • Clerk
  • Fireplace
  • Flying Books
  • Lamp

As the guests enter the library, they will see an old man sitting at a desk pondering over a large book. He looks up at them, gives them a warning about the spirits that haunt this place, and then books on the shelves start moving in and out. The old fire place bursts into flames bellowing smoke, and then suddenly books come flying off the shelves and whirl around the room. The guests are then escorted out of the room.

If you need help building a library, or want one that looks more like the one to the left, you can buy the cheap 6 foot bookshelves and then make a stand about one or two feet from the floor and conceal it with plywood. Then take some trim and make a decorative framed square beneath each bookshelf Then finish up the bottom of the fascia with base trim, and a small piece of trim like a half round along the bottom of the bookshelves where they meet the fascia board. Every so often you could insert a piece of plywood with nooks cut out in them like in the picture, and place square trim between them, matching the trim on the fascia below. Then you can place statues or other objects in these nooks.

If you need more books to fill your shelves, you can get wallpaper that has a pattern of book printed on it and make cardboard boxes that are as tall as the pattern, and wide as the shelves. Then attach the wallpaper to the box and place it on a shelf. If your wallpaper has multiple levels with different book on them, that makes it all the better, but if not try cutting certain books out and mixing up the pattern a bit to get a more random look. On the closer shelves you can put real books, or have a small box with some of the fake books and then finish up the ends with real books that are about the same size.

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