Lights Out Tunnel PDF Print E-mail
  • Motion sensors
  • Light sockets
  • Power cables
  • Contact relays
  • Outlet box
  • Conduit
  • Walls

The Scene- As the guests enter the hall they see a long tunnel with possible twists and turns. As they proceed down the path, the lights go out on them one by one until they are in complete darkness.

Layout- This is basically a hallway with bent panels to it forms a tunnel. every third panel or so is a recess with a light inside. Conduit has been attached along one side to help the look of a sewer or access tunnel. the walls have been painted to look like stone, or you could use a compound to build texture for a more realistic look.

Actors- No actors are needed for this effect, however having one at the end of the hall who rushes them once the final light goes out can be intimidating. Or you could have some alcoves with actors that spring out as they walk by.

Lighting- Just the lights in the recessed areas overhead. In order to make them switch on and off, you will have to place a motion sensor in the recess as well, and run the sensor to a contact relay that is normally closed, so when the motion sensor is switched on it powers the relay and opens the circuit, thus killing the light. if you set the duration to less than a minute, it will reset before the next group arrives. The only downside to this room is that if one of your actors walks through the room, they will trigger it, and then when your guests arrive it will be dark. If you duration is too long, it may never come on either since each time someone trips it, it will start the count again, and may never have time to turn back on.

Sound- Whatever theme you choose will set the sounds for this tunnel. Sewer, you could have dripping water, rats, wind, etc. Industrial supply tunnel, you could have low humming machinery, drips, electrical shorts, etc.

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