Possession Room PDF Print E-mail
  • Control Box
  • Bed
  • Computer
  • Little Girl
  • Microphone
  • Red Makeup
  • Speaker
  • Spotlights, Red and Green

When the audience peers into this room, they see what looks like a little girl sitting on a bed bathed in a red spotlight. She says how she is feeling rather ill, and then suddenly she transforms into a hideous monster when the red spotlight turns green. This is accomplished by painting red lines and shaded areas on the actress's face to look like they are possessed. Then when a red spotlight is cast on the actress's face, the red lines vanish. When the control box slowly turns down the red light, and turns up the green, the lines start to show, and take on a dark brown color. Then I used my computer with a SoundBlaster Live audio card to change the voice to a deep echoey one. This was done by attaching a hidden mic on the actress, and running it to the computer and then a speaker is placed right by the viewing area for the audience to hear.

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