River Styx PDF Print E-mail
  • Bridge
  • Reaper
  • Lantern
  • River
  • Scythe
  • Skull Pile

This was a really cool attraction in the Haunted Forest, but it wasn't a true scare (the one pictured is from the haunted barn 2000 prior to its dressing up with hay and various other items). It had a small river that originated from a pile of skulls, and went under a rickety old bridge, and ended in a pond. The pond was kidney shaped, and with the location of the bridge, it formed kind of an island for the Grim Reaper to stand on. We put an old milk crate under some black plastic so my six foot friend Joe could stand on it and make himself over seven feet tall. We also gave him a long enough cloak to cover the stand and a real metal scythe. He looked awesome! The guests were then asked to give the reaper their soul coins in exchange for passage across his bridge. When they approached him, he would hold out his skeletal hand, take the coins, and lift the scythe off of the bridge. Most people would quickly drop the coin in his hand, and run across the bridge

We recycled the water for the river with three little pumps that ran the water back to the skulls. We also had a hose coming from a nearby house to refill the river, since a sticker bush punched a hole in the liner. It caused a slow leak, and we didn't have time to fix it.

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