River Styx Deluxe PDF Print E-mail
  • Boat
  • Bridge/dock
  • Gargoyle
  • Cloak
  • Skeleton costume
  • Lantern
  • River trench
  • Waterfall
  • Cave walls

The cave walls are made from crumpled newspaper attached to plywood walls, and then brown butcher paper is wrinkly stretched over it and stapled down in the low spots. There should be a ramp leading up somewhere prior to the cave, and then when they enter, they should be approximately 1 and a half feet above the ground. The shore is a built up floor, and it leads slightly down towards the river. The river is only about 20 feet wide, and has a troth about three feet wide running the width of the river. The rest of the river is covered in black plastic and has a thin layer of fog on it. The troth is filled with water, and a boat with springy wheels is placed in it. When the boat leaves the dock, the lantern slowly dims (this is done by using a dimmer switch, and the room must me totally pitch black for this to work correctly). Then when the light is totally off, the boat will be about half way across or more. Then monsters will grab the boat from the sides, shake it, and drag it back almost to the beginning. Then the rocking stops, the monsters hide, and a light is slowly lit on the other side over the gargoyle just after the waterfall is turned on. When the boat gets near the waterfall, a section on the cave top rises up to deflect it, and this will make an opening that the boat can pass through without getting the occupants wet. Then the gargoyle swoops down by means of a harness attached to a pulley on a rope stretched from one end to the other. Then the boat docks with the opposite shore where the occupants can leave.

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