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  • (15) 4x8 sheets of plywood
  • (16) 8 foot 2x4 studs
  • (3) 3x7 ft black thin cloth
  • (64) nails/screws
  • (2) gallons of black paint
  • (2) 4x8 ft sheets of plastic for either end

The Tunnel of Terror was a design that I had been working on for awhile. I wanted some sort of scare that got everyone at once, not just the guys in front. In every haunted house I've been to, the people in front get all the scares, and the ones in back get to see the scare resetting itself. And of course the people you want to scare are always in the back!

So I made a long tunnel about 28 feet long, four feet wide, and 8 feet tall. I then capped either end with a 4x8 sheet of plywood and cut out a cave-like opening on them. Then I cut out two foot by five foot openings on three of the 14 panels used to make the walls of the tunnel, two on one side, one on the other. Then I covered the openings with see through black cloth, and built a box to attach on the openings. In each box there was a light placed on the ceiling, and they were all run to a single switch in the last box in the tunnel. Then an actor dressed in a ghoulish costume is placed in each of the three boxes, and the cloth is lowered in front of them. When all the people are in the tunnel, and the last monster can see the first guy, he turns on the light, and all the monsters reach out and grab at the audience.

So many times I snickered as I stood just outside the exit of the tunnel watching it sway and bounce as many a scream emerged from within. I love this scare!

* - The tunnel pictured above was made in the haunted barn, and didn't have the boxes attached to the sides. The one in the forest was like the drawing.

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