What is Elshoff Manor?
Elshoff Manor is a walk-through haunted house where not only the staff is involved with the action, but the guests as well.

How long is Elshoff Manor?
The tour is designed to last about 10-15 minutes long, but depending on audience participation, it may go longer.

Where do I park?
Information to follow.

Can I take pictures?
Elshoff Manor uses various lighting tricks to enhance the experience, so the use of flash photography is strictly forbidden. However, if you have a camera that can take night pictures, you may be able to take photos, though make sure you clear it with the staff before bringing it in. All other cameras can be left with the ticket-taker and retrieved after you have completed the tour.

Is there wheelchair access in Elshoff Manor?
Yes! Elshoff Manor is designed so those with wheelchairs will be able to navigate down it's dark passages. We will try to supply you with a glow stick so you won't run into anything in the complete dark areas, though if we have run out of stock you can always use your own light source (please be kind and make sure it is low so other guests don't get their experiences ruined).

Is Elshoff Manor too scary for kids?
That depends on the kid. We design our haunts to be as scary as we can get away with and still remain PG. I would suggest that kids under the age of 10 be left at home for this one; you can pay for the babysitter now, or pay the therapist forever.